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Your Results Realtor®


Buying a home is the largest and most exciting investment that anyone will ever make. It will always be the “American Dream” to own a piece of property to call home and build memories. We all have specific tastes, wants and needs which are important to us in selecting our home. As your professional real estate specialist, I focus on client satisfaction. My business is about service and I am not happy until you are happy. I strongly believe that it is not only my duty to represent my clients to the best of my ability but also to educate them throughout every step.


I strive to shine in every area of my business, continually reinventing myself as I find better ways to achieve my client’s goals. I am known for outstanding prompt service with high tech marketing techniques. As a real estate agent, it is important to know what my client wants from me, I will listen to your needs and want to establish our goals and objectives. We work as a team to meet the goals and you will continually be in the loop during the entire process. In this fast paced market, I believe communication is key in meeting our goals and building our relationship.



5 Things Every Real Estate Agent Should Include in the Offer

As a real estate agent, I come across various demands, some of which are easy to appease, while some are completely incomprehensible. I kid you not! There was a client who wanted a house that was close to an ice cream parlor, a gym and a park. While there are very...


Well, we decided to buy our first house and actually the first house we saw we really liked it but we were not optimistic that we will be able to buy it. There were some sort of litigation involved in this house. He walked us through other houses but that was our dream house. Making long story short Steve Bhalla materialized our dream. His services were beyond our expectations. He did amazing job walked us first time buyer through the process with every inch of detail. I will strongly recommend if you are hunting a house, need honest and ethical guidance, just go for Steve Bhalla PERIOD.

Mr. and Mrs. Singh


He is very effective and good thorough with his work, very responsive, cares more about what you want rather than getting you to just buy,He knows his real estate market and very personable. We have had 3 other real estate agents before him – and while they have been all good -Steve is just more efficient and cares more about his clients. One awesome quality about him – is that he is relentless in getting information – he will call whoever he needs to get info, keep the sellers and agent in the loop, and make sure everything is on track. he is just great! He is our agent for LIFE!



Working with Steve Bhalla was such a pleasure. When we started, we had no idea what we wanted, but Steve helped us figure out the pros and cons of all our options. He was great in answering all of our questions. We had no idea what we were doing, but he helped us along, held our hand, and even picked us up from work and drove us around from home to home (we don't have a car).Steve is always willing to put in the extra effort to answer our questions, to make sure we were happy with our decisions, and let us know how the market area was behaving.

Robin Mosbie



7901 Stoneridge Dr. Suite 120 Pleasanton, CA 94588