Median home prices have risen substantially in the past two years. The market right now is at its peak and a median home can be bought for around $318,200. This figure represents houses all over the US at an average. Depending on which city you are living in, nearby facilities and the surrounding neighborhood, your house can either be sold at a low or high price.

As a real estate agent, our job is to make sure that your house gets sold for top dollar. However, to make that happen, there are certain things that need to be in order. Buyers are quite finicky and during a sale, you need to approach their demands with a clear mind, so that a good opportunity does not slip through your hands.

So, what drives the sale price of your house?

Following are four factors that help me negotiate better with the buyers, so that you get a high price for your house:


#1 – Product, Location and Timing

The sale of a house depends on these three factors. Product and location is intertwined – right house, right neighborhood. Then comes the timing and this can be tricky because the time period of how fast your house gets sold depends on the season. It goes like this – in summer, you have a better chance of selling your house, as compared to in winters. However, the sale does not solely depend on this. Deciding to put your house up for sale, when there are dozens of other houses being sold on the same block is a big mistake. You need the market to be scarce, so that your house has a better chance of standing out.


#2 – The Word of an Appraiser

The value of your house is determined by an appraiser. The five important things that determine how strong the house is include the kitchen, bathroom, roof, boiler, floor and ceilings. By making sure that all these things are in top condition, you don’t have to worry about anything. Lastly, the neighborhood and the nearby facilities are considered, so that the buyer can approach a bank.


#3 – Features In Demand Right Now

There’s no telling what features a buyer is seeking in a house. By installing a pool in the house because you ‘think’ the buyer will like it, will not raise the value of the house. The sale is market-driven, so you need to make sure that the house has features that are ‘needed’ and are not just for luxury.


#4 – Repairs Can Add Value

A home inspection is usually done by a professional from the buyer’s team. Delaying repairs for a few days and saying you will get them fixed soon has a deep impact on the home inspection report. Any object that goes on the report as broken has to be fixed later with a premium. So, it’s better to get everything fixed beforehand rather than pay hundreds of dollars for it later.

Owners tend to think of a sale emotionally, whereas a real estate agent approaches it from a logical point of view. This approach is what helps you sell your house for top dollar. Want an expert on your team? Visit if you are looking to sell your property with the help from professional real estate agent in the market.