Selling a house can be very stressful. I applaud those people who try to sell their house on their own because they have no idea what’s coming next. The benefit of hiring a real estate agent is that, you get up to date information about the real estate market. However, there are certain mistakes you shouldn’t make or else you will tank the sale.

If this is the first time you are selling your house, then I recommend that you start getting things into order weeks before the sale. There are legalities that need to be taken care of before as well as after the sale. As a real estate agent, I will make sure that the sale goes smoothly. As for playing your part, following are five mistakes you shouldn’t make once a deal has been signed:

Mistake #1

Overlooking Contingencies

Lying on a home inspection report is a surefire way to lose a deal. By leaving out the necessary repairs or doing cheap patch jobs, you will put yourself in a bad position. You might end up paying a premium for the repairs. If the sale is contingent on repairs, then make sure they are done before the home inspection. Delaying them will black ball you and your house in the market.

Mistake #2

Leaving Things Broken Once the Sale Is Through

Say, the buyer has negotiated a deal and signed the contract. You plan to empty the house by the end of the month but in the mean time, certain things break down. It is your responsibility to fix these problems because there’s a high possibility that the buyer will back out of the deal, even if it means losing the earnest money.

Mistake #3

Missing Deadlines

Are you still mulling over the home inspection report? Have you called the plumber to fix the water problems? Did you get the fire alarms fixed? Deadlines are extremely important when it comes to buying or selling a house. A delay on your part can lead to the buyer becoming suspicious and losing confidence in you.

Mistake #4

Not Negotiating Further

The appraiser quotes a price below what you were expecting. On the other hand, the buyers have already stated their price. Don’t just walk away from the table. There is still room for negotiation and to prove that your house is worth what you quoted, back it with the home inspection report.

Mistake #5

Lying About Liens

Forgot to mention about the tax lien that Uncle Sam placed on your house? The title search will reveal the truth and then you will have to hide your face. Until you pay this lien or convince the buyer to pay it, you cannot sell your house.

One thing you need to keep in your mind is that lying about liens or putting fake information on the home inspection report is illegal and has consequences. This is where you need the expertise of a real estate agent. Steve Bhalla is a real estate agent, who helps people in selling their house for top dollar. Visit if you are looking to sell your property with the help from an expert real estate agent in the market.