Whether you are planning a virtual visit to the buyer’s market or the seller’s market, there are a few things you should know. The reason why we have used the word virtual here is because today buying or selling a house has become quite easy. You can find several listings on the internet, contact the real estate agent and arrange a tour.

As a real estate agent, I have had the firsthand experience on what blunders people have made when trying to buy or sell a house. So, to help you navigate the myths that have been circulating around, here are five secrets that will finally dispel these myths for good:


Myth #1

You Can Do an Appraisal on Your Own

Secret – Setting the Right Price Will Help You Sell Your House Faster

You definitely need a real estate agent and an appraisal before you put your house on the market. Don’t let anyone tell you anything else! People often think that setting the price below the market value will help them sell the house faster. However, you are forgetting factors such as the seasons, the suburb you live in, nearby facilities, renovations, etc. These all make up the house price and an appraisal will help you understand how high or low the other houses on the street were sold for.


Myth #2

Sell Yourself and Save Money

Secret – Fizz-Bos are Currently Failing in the Market

FSBO – “For Sale By Owner” is the term given to people who try to have a go at the real estate market without a real estate agent. The reason why you cannot save money by selling the house yourself is because you will have to take care of all the legalities on your own. On the other hand, a real estate agent comes with a team of professionals, which includes a lawyer, lender, appraiser, home inspector and the real estate agent himself who gives you valuable advice on how to increase the sale price of the house.


Myth #3

“I Will Buy the House When the Market Goes Down”

Secret – Real Estate Market is Unpredictable So, Buy When You Are Ready

The great recession has shown us that you never know when the scales will tip in your favor. Buying a house is not about waiting for the right time when the prices fall down. It’s about knowing if you are financially ready or not. So, keep an eye on your finances and credit score, and not the market.


Myth #4

Renovating Your Kitchen Will Bring In Big Bucks

Secret – Make Sure the Repairs Are Solid

This is a mistake that every owner makes. Putting in a new deck or swimming pool will not help you sell your house for more. In fact, it will take the real estate agent longer because you just added a high amount to your sale price that is way above the market value.


Myth #5

Open Houses Are No Longer the Rage Now

Secret – Open Houses Help You Take Stalk of the Property and the Owner

During an open house, you can get up close and personal with the house, as well as the owner. This will help you see the flaws and plus points of the house.

Real estate myths can destroy your chances of buying your dream house. A real estate agent will make sure that the house you are trying to buy or sell is done so without any problems. Steve Bhalla is a real estate agent, who helps people in buying and selling their house at top dollar. Visit SteveBhallaTeam.com if you are looking to sell or buy property with help from expert real estate agents in the market.