Finding it difficult to proceed with your decision of selling your house? A new house represents new hopes and dreams. These hopes and dreams can be crushed if your house sale does not go profitably. You might have to apply for a bigger mortgage, which can be quite difficult to pay back.

I know what you are thinking… why not sell the house on your own. Are you so opposed to paying a small commission that you would self-sabotage your own deal? One thing is for sure, you need a real estate agent by your side to get through it. FSBOs account to only 8% of home sales where as 89% of people take the assistance of a real estate agent when selling their house. Statistics show that houses sold by real estate agents yield a bigger profit.

Following are five tips that will help you kick start the process:

1.     Re-Evaluate Your Online Listing

According to a survey conducted by National Association of Realtors, 51% of the people hunt for a house on the internet. There’s a strong chance that you will get immediate response from buyers through online listings. Take several colorful pictures of the house along with a virtual video and post them online. In this age of technology, the more creative you are in showing off your house, the more buyers will be interested in it.

2.     Shop for a Real Estate Agent

There are a dozen ways of finding a real estate agent. You can ask your neighbor who just sold his house with the help of a real estate agent, attend open houses, or take your search online. An agent that works on both sides as a buyer’s agent and listing agent is the one who truly knows the ins and outs of the real estate market.

3.     Leave the Negotiations to the Agent

Negotiations are a big part of the house sale. Most people often get emotional when they are offered a low-ball offer. Your judgment becomes cloudy and instead of using your brain, you think from your heart. Unless the offer is so low that it even falls below the market value, you can let go of the deal.

4.     Keep Track of the Time

Give your real estate agent a clear timeline on how the sale should proceed. The right asking price can sell your house in a month. You screw this up, and your house might sit on the market for a year or two.

5.     Think Long Before Selecting the Buyer

Multiple offers seem like a god send but this does not mean that you choose the buyer who is offering the larger sum. Does he have backing from his lender? Does he have the pre-approval letter? Does he have any outstanding loans? It is important to found out everything you can about the buyer to lessen any chances of a financial snafu.

Before selling your house, the first thing you should do is sort out your financial status and problems. Even a house sale requires a significant amount of money to be paid out of your pocket. To smooth out this process, it is better to hire a real estate agent. Steve Bhalla and his team of expert real estate agents help people in selling their house for top dollar. Visit now and place your house in competent hands for a profitable deal.