As a real estate agent, I come across various demands, some of which are easy to appease, while some are completely incomprehensible. I kid you not! There was a client who wanted a house that was close to an ice cream parlor, a gym and a park. While there are very slim chances to find all these places in close proximity, I did my best to find a house within a 5 mile radius.

With this, you can understand my dedication to my clients and how I like to make sure that all their wants are met. Setting all this aside, there is one thing that a buyer should always demand from his real estate agent, and that is, the “right neighborhood”.

Following are five items that I make sure is on every buyer’s “home buying list”:

1.     Safety First

Every buyer should demand a statistics report on how safe the area is. Selecting a community that has a low crime rate must be top on your list. This will give you a peace of mind that your children can play on the street while you look over them through your window. If the neighborhood has a “night watch program”, then you will have an added safety net.

2.     Few Empty Houses on the Block

Empty houses on the block are an invitation for vandals and burglars to break in. Empty houses also pose the question, why are they empty? Before showing you a house in such a neighborhood, I take stock of the other houses and ask the neighbors the reason behind the vacancy. There’s also a possibility that the house belongs to owners who travel a lot and only come back during summer.

3.     Public Transportation

Not all people have their own cars. If you are one of those people, then I know how highly you prize public transportation. Plus, public transportation such as buses and subways will help you save more.

4.     Schools

Whether you are married or are planning to get settled and start a family, it’s important to search for a neighborhood that has a school in close proximity. While my job is to make sure that there’s a good school nearby, you should find out a few things about it such as:

  • School rating
  • Busing
  • Walk-ability
  • Gifted programs
  • Student aid
  • Bi-lingual support

This information will help you make sure that your child is registered in a good schooling system that has had no prior problems regarding racial discrimination or anything else.

5.     Noise Abatement

If you like your solitude and don’t like to be disturbed by your neighbor hosting a loud party, then I will help you find a house that is located in a neighborhood away from the hustle bustle of the city. Since this is a reasonable demand, finding houses like this is not a big problem.

Finding a neighborhood according to your demands is not easy. With reasonable demands such as these, you can compromise on the other problems because these must be your priority. Steve Bhalla is a real estate agent, who helps people in searching for the right house. Visit if you are looking to buy a property with help from expert real estate agents in the market.