P.R.E.P. – Price, Representation, Exposure and Presentation are four things that every realtor focuses on. These are the keys factors that ensure your house is sold successfully and for top dollar. The first thing every seller asks a realtor is, “How long will it take to sell the house?”

A property’s fast sale depends on various things such as the area, the facilities available nearby, the neighborhood and plumbing and exterior of the house. Here’s how to utilize these four factors to sell your house fast:


This is the most misunderstood element of a house sale. A profitable sale depends on setting the right price for the listing. Setting the price is not just about settling it below the market price because that way, you might be losing precious money. Once you have quoted your sale price to the realtor, they do their homework to find out whether the house is worth the demanded price or not.

The realtor checks the prices of other house “sold” in your neighborhood. The reason why you shouldn’t focus on the “for sale” house prices is because they are not yet sold. It’s possible that during negotiations, the price might go down. The right price puts you in the competition and allows you to get the best deal for your property.


How do you choose the right realtor who will be able to represent your house in the best way? When hiring an agent, ask for the number of houses they have sold and at what prices. You don’t need to be tricky with your questions. Simply ask them about their experience and how are they different from other realtors. You can get useful details about the realtor through their website. These people have a few tricks up their sleeve and know how to stage a house at its best.


Again, the right realtor will give your house valuable exposure. Posting a “for sale” sign will do nothing for your house. It needs to be put there for the viewing through the right medium and a good realtor knows what channels to pursue. Social media can be a promising means of spreading word of mouth and attracting potential buyers.

If the realtor has a good number of social media following, then you can be assured that your house is in great hands. Around 92% of people search for homes online. The more exposure the realtor has on social media, the more right buyers will come to you and you will end up with multiple offers.


This is more of a homeowner’s job than a realtor’s. The way a homeowner presents his house, says a lot about how they have taken care of it. The better you do at your end, the better the realtor will be able to advertise it to sellers during the open house. All you need to do is stand back and relax, while the realtor takes the buyer on a tour to convince them why the house is a good buy.

A realtor’s knowledge of P.R.E.P. will determine how fast your house will sell. By doing your part and making the house presentable, the realtor will be able to represent it more successfully. Visit SteveBhallaTeam.com if you are looking to buy or sell your property. With a team of competent real estate experts on board, they are your ‘go to’ property agents and will assist you throughout the process of buying or selling.