Ready for the “BIG” move? When it comes to selling a house, owners are more concerned with the documents, whether they are in order or not. I am sure, you all have heard about tips such as pricing your house below the market value and attending to the buyer personally, in order to sell the house for top dollar. However, have you ever wondered that there are other things too, which you can do to raise the sale price up a notch?

Whether you are planning to host an open house or private tours, emptying the house of all your belongings is not the only option. Think about it for a minute – a real estate agent’s job is to convince the buyer that the house is a good catch but how can he accomplish this, if your house is devoid of any color and creative decoration!

Here are a few tips to help you understand how to stage your home, so that it looks more open and shines with its unique features:

Light Up the Rooms

The biggest advantage of giving a tour of your house in the morning is that the windows can be opened to brighten the rooms. The fresh breeze and the sunrays make the room livelier and subtle hues of the walls create a warm ambiance. If the tour is in the evening, you need to make sure that the rooms are bright enough, so that the buyers can see how open they are. So, install new lights with higher watts in every room and open the curtains every time a potential buyer comes by.


When selling a house, you need to keep the renovation cost down, which means that you can get away with making small changes easily. However, these changes must have a significant impact on the interior and exterior of the house.

  • First stop – The front door. Use a bold paint color that makes your house standout on the street but make sure that it goes well with the exterior paint job.
  • Second stop – The walls. Use a neutral color to paint all the walls in the house. The light color is less distracting and comforts the people.

Empty Out the Closets

As mentioned earlier, buyers don’t want to see your personal belongings sitting on the table or hanging on the walls. They want everything to be clear, so that they can picture their belongings in the empty space. This is why it is necessary to clear out the closets, kitchen and bathroom cabinets, shelves and drawers.

Make Small Kitchen Improvements

Most real estate agents advise sellers to forego any big renovations in the kitchen because there’s a possibility that they might not get the full cost of the renovation in the sale price. Here are a few renovations that you can make:

  • Replace only the broken cabinets
  • Fix the chimney
  • Apply a fresh coat of applicator on the tiles
  • Add skylights

With a real estate agent by your side, you will have a better chance of attracting multiple buyers. Moreover, repairs done under the realtor’s guidance will surely raise the house’s appraisal value and provide good results in the home inspection report.

Steve Bhalla is a real estate agent, who helps people in selling their house for top dollar. Visit if you are looking to sell your property with help from expert real estate agents in the market.